There is a girl who sees the desert like the ocean. Her glasses are covered in roses because why not let the Fanta Sé light fill hearts with steamy afterglow? Grounded in the cosmos, she hikes the Sun while the Moon illuminates her bones. She carries striped rocks in her pockets so the weight of unearthed treasures leave a trace of possibility forever on the dashboard. She soaks everyday because she knows that self care can be as simple as an envelope of well wished water which floats in and out the windows like long locks on longer drives. When you hurt, her laugh hits you like wind on chimes, pulling you back into body because there’s nowhere better to be. She is, in essence, the integration of spirit and substance. She is ethereal because life is too short to be anything but open and kind. She trusts because matter comes from spirit and returns back again to stars.

This week, Venus and Mercury waltz with Pluto and Jupiter, kissing power on the cheek, getting free and fancy in the Fens. Thursday evening, a full moon in Virgo eggs on our ego analysis so careful to offer care before criticism and to take critique with consideration. Virgo is a diviner of details and wants to be of service - integrate information with intention to support. Sunday, the Sun joins Neptune in Pisces, bringing light to illusion and stars to the skies. In deeper fish waters, Venus and Mercury convene with Chiron, maybe causing monsoons and curing us with tender tears.

The Daughter of Pentacles is a support and a seer because she speaks the language of the soul with the rise and fall of her form at its fullest. She’s down to (insert activity here) because her eagerness to experience always offers the euphoria of better understanding herself. This week, act yourself into right feeling. Say yes to presence and any occasion for elation. If it feels like a dream, draw in a deep breath and let it out slow. Dream or not, you’re alive in essence and it’s enough.