Yesterday a dear friend and I continued a revolving conversation around self-care with intention. What is a remedial tea if it doesn’t contain a dose of tenderness? How do we heal our bodies and minds from the mania of our world if our hearts, the organ from which all vitality emanates, stay sore and somber? As self care rises to top the trendy charts I have to question if all we do to treat ourselves is really tricks for attention. 10,000 likes on instagram is a mere band-aid on a gaping wound if the medicine we need is genuine connection. Gloria Steinem says “In a way, the highest purpose of the internet is to bring us together for empathy and action. After all - the reflector cells and empathy-producing chemicals only work when we’re physically together with all five senses.” I don’t know about you but I get by with a little help and a lot of hugs from my friends.

Today, Mercury and Venus swoop into saucy Aries, clearing the Messenger’s mind for cutting conversation while the Goddess goes from lively allure to warrior princess ready to wrestle for and in love. Thursday, Jupiter stations retrograde, a secretive spin which won’t slacken till early next week. Jupiter wants us to reevaluate lessons learned since mid-December so we can get the most from our maturity. Also Thursday, Mercury falls in retrograde pre-shadow. Pay attention to news but note it might take time to see the whole nine yards.

Affirmations from the Three of Cups: “I sink softly into where and whoever feels warm. I don’t underestimate the capacity of a hug to cure me when I’m crushed. I stress the importance of presence when I’m stressed. I find spaces with faces, friends or strangers, that offer smiles and support. I lean into others because when they lean back, I find strength in mutual struggle that now serves sympathetic purpose. I release judgement; I drop the need to be a god and relax into being human. I find joy in imperfection because it symbolizes the synapse where we summon empathy and understanding.”