This week is work. Work that doesn’t work out and wants to be done. Work that wins some and seems like it loses more. Work that wrestles with fair weather friends that don’t feel like they’re playing fair. Work that is wily and wounding with its words. Work that makes us wish we could just go home and hide under covers. You can call a cab but you’ll miss an opportunity for the work that’s calling your name. For the work that the wise women teach you to do to walk yourself through the thick of it while their eyes beam and hearts swell with pride. For the work that says yes to yourself, your values and your joy. You can feed that spirit-shaped hole all you want but the only thing that will satisfy your craving is a connection to the conscience that recalls just how capable you are. If you’re going to stamp your feet, you might as well dance.

The Mother of Pentacles wants you to do the work of loving what you do because you weave love into the loom before the blanket is finished. She wants you to nestle up after long days of sorting out your necessities from your “so what’s?” She asserts that every wounding word is an opportunity to heal. She assuages each insult by helping you get up close and personal with your worth. She activates your values which are most vital. She helps you hold them close and tender, rather than give yourself away. She relieves pain by putting persistence into tasks that require only her own validation for them to be called victories.

This week, do yourself the solid of getting friendly with feelings that come up. Don’t ask for opinions until you’re clear on your own. Make the most of what matters, and learn from the lesson of less is more. Mercury is pre-shadow, Jupiter is retrograde and we’re planting protean Pisces New Moon seeds. Everything is up for revision anyway so consider this the prequel and be present with anything that brings you pleasure. You deserve it.