Every time we move energy we have a choice. Up or down. Inside or out. Extremity or middleground. Mercury who rules movement and makes mischief at the fork in the road. Who fusses over which fork is for salad while enjoying fancy fun and games of footsie under the table. Who fuels us up to break us down, wants us to look around when we’re stuck in the desert with a flat wondering how to get out of this mess. Who understands that messes are messages to help us figure it out with our friends. Who inspires the story we’ll tell about that time we got stuck and makes sure the moral sticks. Stories retold over time offer paradigm shifts. As the creators of content under covers we’re so keen to judge, we’d better be grateful for time to edit before the book is bound.

Life isn’t a straight line. It’s full of zig zags, sharp turns and windy mountain roads with ample opportunity to fall off cliffs into incredible views. But a view is only as good as our visceral experience of it. Sometimes we try so hard to push through that we miss a delightful detour. On Thursday, Mercury stations retrograde with an already bad rap and it hasn’t even started unwrapping. How many times have you watched a rerun only to see something you hadn’t seen before? How many times have you benefited from slowing down and checking your facts so when you presented your work it was irrefutable? How many times have you been quick to judge only to wish you’d waited?

This week, if it feels urgent it’s probably not. Judgement is a call to acceptance. An invitation to show up by slowing down enough to hear the whole story so you tell it best because you were wholly there. A mistake or frustration means wait for the punchline. Listen for it - and know you might not get it. You might just hear the first half. But you’ve got till April 15th to review and till April 28th to seal the deal so take your time, fly high, let the wind pull you through the slipstream and know that slips are oh so necessary in the lesson of acceptance.