What happens when we watch the pot as it boils? When we take enough chill pills to get frosty with our familiars while we get real with our feels? When we let the bread bake through enough to build clarity over confusion? When we take the time to roll out the crust so it fits the pan perfectly? When we’re so aligned that the filling comes from trees lining the road to our goals that bear fruit so bright we can taste it with our visions? What happens when we linger over our intentions long enough to lick the icing from our ideas?

This week brings a dose of smart, sweet and sorrow. As Venus, Mercury and the Sun approach Neptune in Pisces, an ocean of dreams and illusion, we’re made to be moved. One last release on the book tour before we turn the page. One more repeat reminiscence. Tears shed, credits played, slow songs swimming through seer season. With all this mysticism we’d better not miss the message of what it means to merge.

The Nine of Pentacles persuades us to assemble an altar to our intuition. To surrender to our spirits and trust our treasures enough to choose ourselves. Choices on the path to our unfolding often mean selecting to stay in the grey, to leave the door open, vulnerable to being shut in your face. How much do you want the nest that the Nine offers? Nesting means eventually flying the coop. Merging inevitably leads to separation. In Pisces land, everything is interconnected so what do you have to lose? Yourself perhaps - but Pisces knows that not getting lost means not getting an opportunity to find your way. Let yourself be guided by your own desire and loosen the grip on the handle. Decide that a “yes” or “no” is neither validation nor rejection but gift from the universe guiding you to slip so you swim downstream and towards the stars.