Sometimes things are just too charming. Too much. So much that it feels like not enough. Or like the bad won’t end. Or the good won’t last. So the other shoe might drop. Or the message is mixed in a mirage of magic and missiles. Or the magic hasn’t maxed out but once it does it’ll be gone missing. These are the stories we tell ourselves that stop of us from making our own medicine. This is where we’re mistaken. Magic is simply the movement of energy. Venus, Chancellor of charm, conjoins the Sun in Capricorn on Tuesday and we’re given an opportunity to chin up and chip in. As the goddess of love changes from morning to evening star in the sky, she sits pretty for a moment with the Solar logos, creating what we call a Venus Star Point. This conjunction begins a new cycle of love and wealth in each of our individual and collective charts.

This Venus Star Point is one potent potion because it’s fueled by a melting pot of secret ingredients. Primarily Pluto, also in Capricorn, is adding power to the punch. At his best, a pile of well-designed principles. At his worst, maniacal lack of self control expressed impressively to oppress and direct every piece of the play. Power/Pluto, Ego/Sun and Allure/Venus are communicating with Thought/Jupiter and Action/Mars who’re still sharing secrets to success in Scorpio. Translation: get your ducks in a row and watch them swim happily across that stunning swamp at sunset. Later this week, Mercury clears his retrograde shadow and enters Capricorn, meeting up with Saturn and diving down into business. Meanwhile, Venus and the Sun square Uranus and sextile Chiron respectively, throwing revelation into the cauldron to help us heal - even if it’s hard.

This week flirts, fans, fucks and flourishes. This week is filled with charm to the max. But charm can’t cut a rug without crying for control. The Hermit counsels you to crawl back into your own body as you wade through wishes. The Hermit appears as a guide, sometimes illuminated by our experience of others. When someone else lights your fire, remember it’s your fire - not theirs. Don’t put it out - carry it with you. The Hermit understands that we learn to live by living but we don’t learn anything if we don’t pay attention to ourselves. It is a gentle reminder that your inner experience of the outer world is a constant teacher. Let intrigue seduce you to go for the gold this week. But remember that knowledge of the way you react to your measure of success or failure is the greatest wealth you can garner.