This week has all the charm of a game of dirty Jenga. True to New Year style, we’re laying down intentional structures with ourselves, friends and collaborators, engaging in the thrill of building something significant and perhaps suggestive. As we pull out pieces to see what still stands, we’re served some telling truths from Mercury swaggering through the last degrees of Sagittarius. In the game of life, the truth can stun and sting. Thankfully, with Venus hot on the heels of the Sun in Capricorn, our truths and dares have a shot at being savored for their sweetness. The Solar God and his magnificent mistress are speaking of seeds for stunning spaces as they sextile a surreal Neptune and re-adjust their formula for fantasy with news from the Nodes of Fate.

Early this morning, rebel-rouser Uranus stationed direct in Aries; a motion felt with a ripple effect reminiscent of an enormous earthquake. Since Uranus is the King of creative upheaval, we’re sure to experience breakups, breakdowns and breakthroughs until week’s end. On Saturday, Mars joins Jupiter, encouraging tactical action that starts a cycle of abundance in the part of our charts that contains Scorpio. This cycle has the potential to transform loss, power and deep-seated desire into wild kinds of wealth, so consider carefully what you cherish.

The Four of Wands is a window of opportunity to make our preparatory work worthwhile. It reminds us that we are but beginners in the season of Saturn in Capricorn. It opens our eyes to the possibilities that passion offers and inspires us to take action towards our aspirations. At the same time, the Four instructs us to test the foundation sans stubborn schemes. Keep your dream as wide as possible. Put principles into your process and let plans unfold with unexpected electricity. The most important element is not the end, but the education in designing homes for our hearts that can shift and thrive with the anomalies of nature.