On Monday morning, Venus entered Capricorn, sobering expectations with a realness that reasons us into reaching for our requirements. Venus in Capricorn is certainly solemn but specifically certain. A verb for the vibration of value, she knows what she wants and is precise about the practice of her power. Venus in Capricorn works with a firm grasp on the profit and loss that comes with love as defined by money, time, touch, affirmation and service. Venus understands entirely the type of love she wants to cultivate. Shortly after she steadied her style, she sidled next to Saturn, sweetening the bondage of accountability to all she’s set her heart on.

With Mercury finally out of retrograde we’re moving forward with the facts, the fitness and the fiscal responsibility to finishing up cycles while fishing for brighter scales. On Thursday, Mars will trine Neptune. This aspect strikes a blissful chord that twirls us toward the targets of our deepest trances. Careful, this can be a temptation to a rough relapse or a helpful lift to honorable intentions. Throw in a few notes with the Nodes of Fate, and this week is fitting us for a new pair of shoes. It’s going to take time to soften the sole before we get to dance the night away without getting blisters.

The Two of Cups represents all the feels that flow with being initiated to our inclinations. The stolen moments that leave us sore, stunned by how capable we are of longing for loving. Saturn and Venus want us to do something about that sensibility in a systematic way. Start to structure a dollar from your dimes. Bite the coin and boldly hold onto what you value. Reject the rest and recognize that the elements we don’t need are the secret in someone else’s recipe. The Two of Cups encourages everyone to think highly of harmony. Seek out spaces where reciprocity is abundant and people with whom requite is the will and the word. Trace all you touch with tenderness. Start with yourself and leave space for others to meet you halfway.