It’s about to get physical. On Tuesday evening at 11:48PM EST, Saturn dips his toe deep into the wintry earth of Capricorn. The grandfather feels most at home here; carefully placing plans, sinking screws and removing rusty nails, checking that every last bit of the foundation is sound as he starts to assemble. Saturn leaving Sagittarius marks the end of a time spent searching, learning, abstracting, receiving and conceiving a vision. Now Saturn is ready to rev the engine of his plow and revive the soil for ultimate growth. It will be a little over 2 year season of structuring our reasons with logic and leveling us from the bottom up.

This week is one to watch. The Sun and Venus are headfirst on the heels of Saturn, bringing energy and a touch of sweetness to the ingress (12/21 & 12/25 respectively). Before Venus joins the giant, she extends tenderness to our wounds and makes a breakthrough on how to heal. On Friday, Mercury stations direct, causing commotion as the channeller changes his mind once more.

Saturn confines so we can cut a clear path to the power within our purpose. Saturn suffers so we can sober up. So we see beyond the glazed over gleam of youthful vision and into the wealth of wisdom that’s won by wishing year after year over candles on cake. Saturn draws out time like the infinite curve of a woman’s spine, so our lessons carry languid character rather than a rushed wrestling match with an exploding pen. Saturn structures our stories with humour and mirth, sings a song slow and sometimes sorrowful, for if we do not know sorrow, how can we connect with the essence and ethics of kindness?

As Saturn turns to the deep dominion of the terrestrial, The Hanged Man appears to remind us of all that steady stillness can teach us. When we take time to sit in the dark, we appreciate the enchantment of the earth. Like the bat, we perceive beyond sight; with senses of sound, smell, and dare I say spells. The Hanged Man lets us know it's okay to be calm within Saturn’s storm. Saturn is here to help us in the part of our charts that need the most stable structures. Some of the work will be a slow sorting out held in hibernation, serene and secluded in the secrets of the dark. You have to do the labor of holding yourself up enough to receive without reacting. To observe with an open heart and listen with attentive ears so you can build with honest empathy. To be still and strategic as you structure the system of your visions through long pauses, putting principles into purpose and storing strength in your standards.