The daughters are emblems of embodied presence for their element. Their action is inaction. They take the time to observe so they can be better acquainted with themselves. In the tarot, sons are charged with the act of carrying while mothers receive and care-take kin. Fathers are immersed in manifesting and daughters have the opportunity to simply be (with). They watch their relationship to the world within the context of their element. They are space holders. In these wintery nights, space heaters are gifts that allow us to amplify the energy of our environment with careful consideration.

This week, as Saturn strolls slowly through the last degrees of Sagittarius, we are asked to hold space in our psychic centers. To stop saying “you suck” to ourselves and softly whisper “Oh, sweet girl.” Being with feelings is no easy task. It is far less challenging for humans to react and DO something than it is to simply stay put. The daughter doesn’t mean not doing ANYTHING. We are being asked to go about day to day life with a consciousness that requires tender attention as the purest remedy. Do not attempt to render the feeling. Mercury retrograde will give us, in time, opportunities to revise. We are always trying to fix something. But to reap the rich rewards of the possibilities with which Mercury presents us, we must first understand what we did/are doing and how we feel about it. If you try to fix before full comprehension, you are bound to unbind and rebind your bushel many times for fear of not getting it just right.

This week is not a moment to start, nor to stop. Stay afloat. Sail to wherever, or whomever, the wind suggests. But pay attention to how you relate to the destination. Watch the wash of color ripple through the waves lapping at your lessons. Listen for their loss and the levity that accompanies releasing the illusion of control. Learn what you may, and rely on time to lift you higher and and stretch you longer in the realm of enlightenment.