Mercury retrograde reinforces our right to reason. To recognize there are multiple ways to be right. To render our impressions from reality and unravel our riddles. To unpack our bags and sort the whole pile of laundry so our whites don’t come out rosy in the wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Release. As yesterday’s Full Gemini Moon, ruled by Mercury Rx wanes to new, we are called to reorient our relationship to the way we communicate. This week the messenger begins retracing conversations had since mid-November. On Wednesday, he sidles up to Saturn, triggering the eclipse degree from last August, telling us tales with tormenting twists and turns. Trust in the magic of time - this carrier pigeon hasn’t found its way home yet and there’s still plenty of sky to soar through before we solidify our services. Take the bite with a few grains of salt. Take action with the information given but remain open to changing plans.

Tuesday, Chiron stations direct in Pisces. Known as the wounded healer, it is often forgotten that the centaur was first a student and teacher. Chiron caresses our cores in the sign of compassion, instructs with a cut, a heartache and a lesson we learn to carry in our pockets, ready to pull out for the sake of other sore souls. Whatever you’re learning about pain, process with intention to soothe a sister.

The weekend brings a lighter affair as the Sun summons promising partners, Mars moves into strategic Scorpio, Venus jolts awake from a sweet Neptunian sleep, and Mercury and Uranus light up dark spaces with bright ideas.

The Son of Wands wants us to wander. To put the charm in chance and drive with direction that doesn’t have just one destination. To crack open our truth and trust when it changes. To share where we’re at even if it’s insecure and unstable. To get good enough for now and allow good enough to be really fucking good. To work it so it works us, even if we have to do some wiggling through the room and back again.