Early this morning, the Sun requested remedial strategies and a strong cup of compassion from Chiron. Tonight, Jupiter sextiles Pluto, an aspect that marks the beginning of powerful progress through partnerships that will revise and realign themselves around 4/14 and 9/12 respectively. Pay attention. You will have plenty chance to play with the pattern but you have to start by seeing it.

Tuesday’s New Moon in Capricorn marks the inception of eclipse season and summons us to inscribe a design for determined dreams. On Wednesday afternoon, Venus opts for aloof allure in Aquarius, succeeded by the Sun who adds innovative energy to egoic instincts. The VII of Pentacles honors a moment that feels empty but holds all the promise of a pristine canvas. If we heed its guidance, we are apt to embrace advancement.

Affirmations for the New Moon in Capricorn:

I will treat this journey like a mountain hike with frequent visions and fresh vistas. I will tread the beaten path when I am weary and will know this is a sage strength, not a physical weakness. I will give myself the gift of being a beginner. My roaming may be slow but it will be steady and safe. My road may be traveled but it is ripe with spirits who can offer experience to help a rookie like me unravel my riddles. I will set sights high with state-of-the-art standards for myself. I will happily form habits that solidify structures for my creativity and joy. I will communicate from my core. I will keep faith in the future but feet firm in the now so I don’t fall forward on my face. I will remain open to redirect my energy when the universe demands it. I will look at challenges and conflict as illuminating gifts that propel me to my highest purpose. I will be gentle with the pain that partners with the process of detaching from anything, anyone and anywhere that doesn’t work with me. I will take my time as I untangle and offer only love and the logic of a goat as I tame and tend to the lioness within me.