I’ve been tucked into the corner of my bed for hours with a wily wishful potential, feeling simply stumped by a pattern ages old that never fails to wrap me around its tiny finger before pulling tight. Thankfully, the Ace of Pentacles is an invitation to exit the door of daydreams. To take a seat on the stumps served to you in the forest of facts and rest there, in awe at the sheer height of its trees.

Tuesday morning, Mercury enters Scorpio, mixing remarks into a great big vat of feels. The messenger’s deficit in words won’t stop him from selling stories. Watch his conjunction with Jupiter on Wednesday for a stealthy glimpse of the King’s journey through Scorpio that is sure to show off and share the wealth - with interest. On Thursday, the New Moon in Libra mingles with Mercury and flies kites to fated separations that help us feel a little stressed but very blessed. We’ll stumble through a few days of fights and in-subservience until Sunday when Mars enters Libra. Here he might be a little listless but also a lovely listener as he sits pretty waiting for Venus who’s still in Virgo walking the love language of serviceable steps.

At the center is our willingness to work for wisdom. To wait for sounds from the spirit. To spread our wings to catch the winds of change. This week we bear witness to beasts of burdens lifted and beauty born from fervent fiends. Even at its most raw state, the earth speaks to us. The aftermath of fires on the West Coast clears smokey eyes and new paths to caring for our climate. The Ace of Pentacles is as much invitation as it is warning. Watch for red flags and don’t you dare paint them green. Use the insight this week as an opportunity to manifest a vivid view that’s already there. Refrain from attaching meaning to messages. Instead, meet the mystical by feeling feet on solid ground and trust in the support of simple senses.