What is it worth to you? What are you worth? How about your sanity? Your serenity? How much are you engaging too much in a thing that severs the connection between your emotional and physical bodies? Where are you rubbing up against riddles that keep you feeling slimy and a little sick? Have you stood up to the thing that keeps whacking your legs from behind, sending knees buckling when your needs aren’t met? Who, or what, is sending you signals that it’s just not worth it?

The Four of Cups presents itself in moments when you know it’s enough but can’t spell no. Printed or scribbled, you’re wrestling the pen so hard that you become blind to true bliss and unbolt the locks of your most vital boundaries. The word “blessing” over time has come to be associated with bliss but its origin root is one with blood. “Blessure” in French means wound. The Four of Cups represents an infection reminiscent of the Seven Deadly Sins. This week presents a choice: deep cleaning or dis-ease. It was called to my attention recently that each sin has an equally dangerous counterpart. Perhaps you’ve not been greedy, but sacrifice too much and you’ll have nothing to give. Maybe pride isn’t an issue, but self-deprecation shouldn’t be something to which we aspire. Perspiring yet? Yes, sloth and laziness are lousy but working yourself to death means a recipe for rest should be written into the contract on the table.

When you treat your physical body with burns, you become a bee who’s too busy to buzz. Too frantic to smell the sensation of yourself in full bloom. Too trapped by the trance of activity to taste the sweetness of your own honey. Oh honey. This week, sounds like you need a break from the thing that’s using temptation to feed you fancy frustration. It might be swank but it’s definitely not sober. Be it a person, place, situation or thing, this card just wants you to recognize your drug for what it is and say “no.”