Inevitably, when we put energy towards the work that embodies the purest expression of ourselves, the world opens doors in grand acts of chivalry. Chance demands we consider the consequences before we cross the threshold - or, if it seems prudent, slam it shut. In the past few weeks I’ve been striving to swim with the current of e-mails flooding my inbox. It seems opportunity is always knocking and I’ve been purring yes yes yes. While this might seem like sunshine, rainbows and kittens, this cat has been friendly to the point of frustrated. I’ve got my worth in question, work to be done and partnerships taking off but not without a hiss.

The start of this week sends us spinning as the planets play pinball with the Nodes of Fate. We’re sure to meet both desire and detriment, so sort out what’s simple and set aside thorny roses for another season. Mid-week strokes our weak spots as the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus respectively sit down with Chiron, crossing hearts, arms and legs drawn by exes that merge missiles with mercy. Come the weekend, grounding gets good-natured as Venus sweet-talks Saturn into his sensual side under a Full Moon, licking lips in luscious Taurus. Sunday, Mercury soars into Sagittarius, seeking a little more truth with a lot more willingness to share it.

The Seven of Cups is knocking on our doors with one big question: Trick or treat? The Sevens in the Tarot marry victory to luck with the intense ties of time. If you want those wishes, you have to be willing to wait. This week, we might trip out and tumble over untold chances that could kick us while we’re down. Don’t step until you’re certain of your surroundings. Remember feelings are temporary and too much sweetness can make you sick. Decline extra candy. Take a dose of time to digest the infatuation and obsession causing that spell of dizziness. As you climb out of confusion and back into your core you’ll be ready to accept the invitations that warrant your worth.