Your heart is a muscle that is dying to live. Muscles require work. It’s not enough to go to the gym, you actually have to lift the weights. The heart might always want to kill it in cardio. It loves the steady rhythm of a butterfly mid-flight, but without the work, you can kiss those wings goodbye. Similarly, skip the stretch and the heart will wind itself too tight to tango. This muscle is marvelously malleable, its mystery music yours to make. The more you open it, the stronger the beat of its thrum. Clear pathways allow you to fly high and sigh without sinking.

Sometimes information floods in so fast it feels like the end of Titanic. As we sift through Scorpio’s seasonal swamp, this week offers thick reveals and potentially intense romantic feels. Yesterday, Mercury entered Sagittarius, where he’ll be swinging potent punches forward, back through retrograde and forthright with the facts until January 11th. Tomorrow, Venus enters Scorpio, taking us from delicate to delectable but downright dirty. These shifts are not so subtle and as the Sun sextiles Pluto on Thursday, we’re sure to sink into sultry sports. Keep your head above the water for bolts from the blue as Jupiter lets out a big one leaving Mercury open-mouthed. Come Saturday we’re tearing down statues in hopes of monumental change to systems that certainly aren’t serving.

This week, the Son of Swords swoops in singing Keep it loose, Keep it tight. Pay attention to the pulse of your own heartbeat. Use its rhythm to teach yourself the dance. The Son of Swords is Gemini’s card; a call to question. You have agency to ask for what you want and give what you’ve got. Likewise, take what you can get and leave overthinking for longer days. Pray in the pauses over pretty face values, then move quickly with the information you have. This week could be powerfully productive. Release either/or - think both/and. Rhyme and reason both have their place in the rhythm of things. Recognize their worth and work it.