This week, we slip through the balsamic moon, letting go of lessons that taught us to be timid. Saturday, the first New Moon since Jupiter entered Scorpio plants seeds of potent change. Yesterday, Venus joined Jupiter, marking a shift in consciousness; in the power and wisdom brought by beauty and its burdens. The end of this cycle clears a fog from the well that brings us empty buckets - containers bearing control, validation, pride and people-pleasing disguised and authorized unlawfully as love.

There will always be holes in the capacity of copious control. Validation acts like velcro - it’s rough but sticks, and sticks around to slide its boots over us like doormats. True love lies in the wisdom of wielding our worth without waving aside another’s. It abounds when we gift ourselves the leverage of listening without trying to fix. Love reminds us of the power we grasp when we all we hold is simple space. Love is present for the entire process, not just the gifts at the finish. This week we let go of the last Libran loves and give way to the abundance of power that Jupiter brings to light. Power in the form of voices and stories, progress over perfection and principles that were lost or covered up by false forms of love.

The Fool brings us back to before the basics. Before anything else. Before we were told how to be. Before we learned being had conditions. The Fool can be placed anywhere in the Major Arcana. Add or subtract zero to any number and you still have that number. No intentions, inestimable potential. This week cuts the cord between fear and social conditioning in a cycle that is no longer sufficient. We are asked to sever the ties of limiting judgements that distinguish between possibility and reality. We are given opportunity to fully embody belonging. Expect nothing. Release the illusion of opposites. Speak with conviction, support with presence. Love with courage that doesn’t even know what courage is. Be free from fear and a Fool for love.