My spine sank into the front of the couch, sits bones sticking the floor as I stared at the cards in front of me. Coffee wafted from my mug, waking up a body so full of feels; frog-eyed, out of sorts, weak wondering knees, no place to hide, not even in dreams. The Tarot has a way of suggesting I go straight to the source of simplest medicine when I’m making things complicated. Forget the Brita. Wash the worries with water from the tap. This week, the Ten of Cups wants us to be with the full spectrum of our experience; magnificent and malevolent, timid and tender.

Wednesday, Neptune stations direct with a wish and a wail. The ocean god/dess has been doing the backstroke since June, decorating divine reveries without a warranty. Planetary stations are felt five days prior to and post the dirty deed. Now, Neptune’s changing the sheets for a softer sleep, but not without snivels. As the Sun sinks into Sagittarius, energy perks up but the planetary monarch is still answering to Jupiter who’s ruling from Scorpio swampland. Moreover, Uranus trining Mercury in retrograde pre-shadow has us downloading a water overload. Wounding words, true or not, need to be fact and feeling checked. Fished out and fussed over with a tender touch and a strong dose of gratitude.

The X of Cups doesn’t discriminate. It sends feels flying down the rabbit hole and along halls of haunts. Just as the cups let drip their last drop they begin receiving a more mellow mélange of medicine. This card reminds us that our emotions are inherently ephemeral and extraordinarily useful. They might tell tall tales but stories hold symbolism with revelatory remedies when we practice active listening. This week, be sympathetic to your sisters. Create containers for feelings to be felt but not fixed. Stay with sensations in your body as they serve a sumptuous supper of understanding. Sew grace into your gatherings and stitch your heartstrings up to mind and mouth while you engage the gamut of humanity.