This morning, Jupiter entered Scorpio, sending us on a deep dive into change until November 2018. Jupiter is known for expanding everything he touches. The growth we get from the giant comes in many forms of wealth, though the King has penchant for wit and wisdom. To wit-ness is to gather understanding from what we see. And there is no sign so notoriously a seer as Scorpio.

Scorpio endures in depths. In death. In sex. In everything that pushes us to our most magnificent misery and especially impressive ecstasy. Scorpio understands that profound transformation only comes through embodying both sides of a coin at the moment of its tossing, turning and touching down in a hand. But Scorpio would never take chances on a bet that isn’t sure and Jupiter is known for his gambling.

This week make a bid on yourself. Gather courage, shine the light of your truth and fire a flare from the start. Then, chalk up your creativity and draw a finish line at your feet so you know you slide in first. Put on some shades before you get blinded by your winnings. Jupiter’s eye is on the wise prize of big change. It is the gift of understanding that keeps on giving while releasing. As the moon wanes to new, keep the focus on yourself and remember you are a gift. Let go of anyone that won’t acknowledge your light. Trust you can take up space without pushing others out of the way. The Seven of Wands is often understood as a lonely card because coming into our truth means letting go of lies that left us with our limits. Scorpio fears abandonment and betrayal - true, we may have a lesson or two to learn about interlacing our calling with our covens. Trust the trail of your fire this week. Wish your witnesses well and remark that you are here as the ultimate witness to yourself. What flame would you like to see you carry? Pull the candle from your bag and hold it high. If the wind swoops in, be a lit little witch. Sage that séance, relight your own fire and burn baby burn!