What does it take to stand tall? To pull the straps of your pack tight enough for you to support the weight of the work that lifts you to breathtaking views? As winds whistle over forearms and clouds cake our foreheads, the Three of Pentacles teaches us how to stay forthright while putting our finest feet forward. It strings the elements together like popcorn on Yuletide trees and plants baby kernels deep in the soil for nature to work wonders.

This week, as Venus trines the God of Power (Pluto) and conjoins the God of War (Mars), look for opportunities to engage the soft touch of wisdom while you put your plans into practice. Come Thursday afternoon, everyone will be counting their chickens under a full moon in Aries, fighting to be first and to go home with the gold. On Sunday the goddess of earthy elegance squares sturdy Saturn, asking us to act in name of truth for what we treasure. Remember everyone’s gold has a different colored glitter. See where you can partner to make magic with your crafts.

The Three of Pentacles unites passive with active in an alchemy of intellectual effort. When we come back to our core we can practice empathy for the sick and suffering without fear of being stricken. Work in the name of service to the whole requires we acknowledge the holes in both our conscience and commitments. Begin this week with a deep sit next to truth. Listen carefully to her words then elect to share them so we vote for safety nets over pistol pets. Speak with fire and a foot firmly planted in spiritual intimacy. The Three is committed to monumental growth but understands that you can only begin growing from the truth of where you are. Doing deep squats into reality takes courage and strength. Building muscle means breaking harmful habits, adding reps, trying new exercises and stretching to support softness in between. Harness the Three and you’ll be kissing pentacle-powered biceps before you can say "Samhain."