Lately it’s felt as if every time I turn around I find myself pressed firmly against another wall. I muster strength, hurdle forward and try to bust through but the universe butts back. After a series of hard no’s and a beautiful tarot spread I am finally beginning to accept the task of sitting still with tension, holding her hand, asking how she’s doing. Her answer might be terse, teeming through locked jaws and clenched teeth but she’s grateful for a break before a burnout.

In a panic and on the precipice of fainting from feverish efforts last week, I called a friend who quoted Gloria Steinem. “If we don't have poetry and laughter along the way, we won't have it at the end.” She suggested that maybe the means was the missing link in a valiant but unnecessary struggle. If I want a seamless end I need to slow down my stitching. Conflict presents an opportunity to tear your eyes away from the hypnotic bubbles on top of the cauldron and check on the fire that heats it. The Five of Wands indicates an overwhelming sensation of needing to DO something. Where are you fighting for the sake of fighting? Instead of adding more ingredients to an overloaded potion, see if you can tame the flame.

This week the Five of Wands encourages us to turn walls that block into supports that strengthen. Bolster yourself with the knowledge that your feet are stable standing in the storm. Practice trust that every element of friction in your life is tethering you to your trail. When you’re pressed up against a wall and unable to see what’s on the other side, make use of all five senses. Feel the surface against your skin. Is it rough, causing cuts and scratches every time you make a move? Or is it smooth, cool to the touch, supporting your need for endurance in a situation that demands you be gentler with yourself? Make love to your limits and stick around - you just might find you were leaning on the escape hatch all along.