We might put every piece in place to get us from point A to point better than this bullshit. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable, admit when we’re wrong, show up for each other with utmost openness. We unite our mixed magic, each of us bringing talents to the table for an incredible feast. We refuse - together - to eat. We fast because we are furious and we decline to accept that which is unacceptable. We rally before we rebel because we are strong when we are inclusive. Because we know that diversity is the greatest asset to community in a country that conforms to the crookedness of killing. Because staying silent when any of our sisters are suffering is as good as giving up on ourselves.

The Eight of Wands shows a prodigious pattern of power pending explosion. It pushes us to shine brightest light into darkest shadows - and not shy away when what’s revealed isn’t cute. Community is most cogent when intersected by the logic of many minds. When we weave well-formed questions, call connective solutions and strategize support for social change. When we wrap arms around shoulders of those who look different because we know our collective hearts shine far brighter than fascism. When we can see all sides of a story because we give those who have been silenced a space to share in our circle. When whites use their voices despite discomfort, despite lack of the right words, because comfort is a privilege we know far too well for comfort to be moral.

This week is a stack of surprises. Mercury retrograde, ripe with reveals and Jupiter egging everyone into overdoing it. The Eight of Wands asks us to combine forces knowing the outcome is unknown. To fight for what we believe in the buildup to an eclipse and in the face of an administration that aims to evade our exclamations. It reminds us we can’t control the shock of hatred rearing its ugly head but we can sure as hell show up in our willingness to be warm, our want to be wise and our wish to be woke.