In a reading, The Ten of Pentacles is a sign of prosperity at its peak. Fully expressed, the element earth deals with tangibles; money, stability, physical labor. Yet this week, the Ten directs us to re-describe our riches and question what we need to feel secure. Some of us need strong credit scores and sumptuous Sunday brunch. Others are content with coffee at home, so long as it’s precedented by sweeping the floors and straightening the spice cabinet. Or polished by the finger of a friend that slowly french presses coffee while she giggles along to eggs crackling in a pan. Still others measure wealth in the length of mornings spent in bed, in the slight twinge that comes with pulling apart sticky legs, made all the more painful because the separation of sweat dictates impermanence to a bond between two lovers. And then there are those who value service as the ultimate asset; who measure worth in volunteer hours logged, escorting elderly up subway stairs, organizing activist assemblies, holding hands and hearts of whoever hollers help.

Regardless of what you value and how you quantify, the Ten shows what happens when we have done marvelous work for the maximum reward. When we reap riches that are earned rather than bestowed. When we understand what we value and pursue virtue to victory. The Ten explains to us that true wealth comes in three offerings: our physical expression of work, the connection and security that work produces and, the most elusive, the thing that we receive that we might not even realize we needed.

This week, as conveyor man Mercury trines judicious Jupiter, we have a spacious second to explore our relationship to fortune. Look closely for the hidden pentacle. See how the spirit unearths itself in unexpected spaces leading up to Neptune’s station retrograde on Friday. Give earnest attention to your yearnings. Seek synchronicity in the liminal. Find the phenomena in your feats and while you wonder, have faith it was worth it.