Yesterday Mars entered Cancer, its least favorite sign. Mars thrives on fighting, on stirring up, sticking out, burning bridges and causing commotions. More than war, Mars simply wants action. But Cancer will cut and run at any sign of conflict. Cancer is passive aggressive without getting to the aggression. Cancer wants to nurture even when nurturing is nonsense. We will spend the next month and a half learning what happens when our soldier becomes skeptical, when our inner warrior waits at the beck and call of our inner worrier.

On Tuesday, Venus enters Taurus. Goddess of abundance and beauty, Venus teems with talent in her own sign. Slow and sensual, Venus in Taurus appeals to our perceptions and is willing to work for her wishes.

This week challenges our convictions about masculine and feminine principles as they relate to dominant and submissive mentalities. The VIII of Swords embodies Mars in Cancer when we allow our emotions to rule our thought patterns. All caught up in the fight from inside its own personal cocoon, so afraid to act it won’t let itself see the scene. The VIII of Swords encourages you to value what you know over the elaborate and tempting stories in your head. The VIII of Swords isn’t ready for battle, but it can prepare by asking questions so when it shoots, it scores.

On Friday morning, Mars and Venus make their first contact in these new signs, a helpful and communicative conversation in which Venus has the upper hand. This discussion, held under a full moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter’s Station Direct has the potential to be big - bursting with opportunities to learn and grow through connection. Allow the Father of Wands to dictate this dialogue. Employ the passion of fire under a structure of outside the box, progressive solutions that challenge your personal gendered ideas of who you are, who you're supposed to be, and how you're supposed to be it.