We rolled over together laughing, legs entangled, pieces of emerald grass stuck to flushed cheeks and sweaty backs as we stared up at the bright blue sky. I felt the power of the earth cradle me while you reached your arms up toward the canopy of clouds drifting overhead. A passing breeze brushed the hairs on your extended forearms and I watched, enamored, as you shivered with delight before rolling on top of me in a flurry of excitement. “Wanna play airplane?!” I relished for a moment in the sureness of your form against mine before conceding, tucking my knees, placing feet upon your stomach, launching you into the air, eyes united in our acrobatic awakening.

The Two of Pentacles is the emblematic marriage of earth and air, body and mind. It illustrates what it means to manifest the challenging principle of change escorted by intellect on a sensate level. While pentacles symbolize an incredible capacity for labored effort, Earth can often be bound up in structure and limits that restrain its ability to achieve. The Two of Pentacles brings oxygen to soil. It frees us from the bondage of practical practice in favor of a vast visionary plane. Paradoxically, the Two also tugs down ideas that have been lost in the clouds, building an edifice for intuitive intentions.

This week, the stars twist and turn in a string of trines and sextiles, accommodating aspects that encourage fluidity and healthy communication. While the energy flows, harmony hinges upon our ability to understand its fundamentally contrastive sources. The merging of thought and sensation puts partnership to the test as we are simultaneously asked to rise up and root down. Practice balance. Elevate your aims and attitudes to intellectual planes. Apply authentic effort to apprehend the concrete costs of each adventure. Replace pious pragmatism with logic that unlocks doors to innovative interpretation as you sow the seeds of supernatural solutions.