Recent circumstances have left a sense of stalemate. Of almost, but not quite. Of getting everywhere but going nowhere. Of doing and understanding but not embodying. A stalemate always incites me to get out the big guns and start a search party for something better – or something worse. Shouldn’t I be further than this? Or if not, feeling like shit? Who is out to get me? Is it me? Why do things feel so...bleghh? The months-long Grand Trine in Fire in the sky has sent us all on a wild goose chase without a built-in break. Agendas are caked with events every evening and the sugar rush has us in a hurry with a headache. What’s more, the Neptune and Jupiter stations in the past fortnight slid down like a heavy blanket of thick morning mist, casting a cloudy cathedral of reveries and prayers that won’t alleviate our energy enigma.

With a nod to the North Node in Leo, Wednesday’s Summer Ingress and Friday’s powerful Cancer New Moon, this 3 card spread poses questions and offers input on our expression of youth. The Seven of Swords says to look back but don’t stare. Where is your overdeveloped mind being selfish? Can you share the wealth of stimulation you’re experiencing with your physical and emotional bodies? The Fool jumps in to help us retrieve bright eyes and tell ourselves a brand new tale. Brush it with lustrous optimism and comb to that natural glow. Take a moment to savor possibilities and dreams. What a relief to let yourself be a child for a moment! To recapture innocence. To be responsible, but not to blame. All this action might have us feeling like fish flopping around on the dock. Realize you’re not on the hook and dive back into freshwater. Recognize responsibility, not as a burden but a tool for building a blazing spirit. The Ace of Pentacles is the beckoning hand of well-loved but mysterious summer. Take responsibility for nurturing your wild nature and watch that beach bonfire as it begins to blush.