All my life I wanted to fit in. I wanted a bff, a bf, then a gf, and a crowd of pals. I wanted you to like me and I thought I had to be like you. I became a master manipulator and sometimes I did fit in – miserably. There is a difference between fitting in and belonging. Fitting in is molding yourself to look like something else so people will like you. Belonging is being who you are and being loved and accepted in authenticity. Once I recognized that I was worthy as is, I started choosing people who understand that community thrives on diversity. Belonging begins with honesty and self love.

This week we navigate fiery waters. We are ankle deep in Pisces season and the tide is coming in quick. This energy creates deep connections; profound links between the self and the universe. On Sunday, we’ll experience a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces, tag teamed by Mars and Uranus. This dynamic duo instigates the most unconventional intentions. It’s the spark you might need from dawn to dusk. Trust the innovation of this inception. Use the fresh flash of fire to take a high-minded dive.

The Four of Swords swears you are your source. You choose which external structures fit like a puzzle piece, forming a home for your soul. You decide which walls are cages and which catch you like a safety net. Ground in and listen to your source – wants, needs, fears, and assets. Use your mind to affirm you matter. The Three of Pentacles emphasizes the importance of employing every element in anticipation of a steep and worthy climb. Be inspired by your cause and creative with your approach. Find delight in the hike before and beyond the summit. Clarify your path, connect the dots, draw the map, and go through your pack. Remember to pack some love. Empathy and joy can’t be accessed without a willingness to be vulnerable. Ground into only one goal – show up in flying fish colors and trust in the sheen of your own personal rainbow.