Eclipses reveal how we rebel. Against ourselves, against life on life’s terms. They also teach us to revel in the certainty of the unknown. They inspire us to take risks and drive us to dive. They inject us with emotion and incite us to act. The eclipse yesterday was the second of two this season. Occurring on the south node and sitting cushy with King of the oceans, it washed something away. Something you thought you couldn’t live without. Eclipses can feel heartless when they happen but often hold the the keys to doors you didn’t know existed.

On Monday, Mercury mails the last of the messages to the past. The movements that follow create a series of confusion and commotion as he and the Sun take a bath with Neptune, Venus recants her recent caresses, and Jupiter jumps in with mad Mars and mad scientist Uranus. Sunday afternoon bells begin ringing clear as Mars and Saturn team up to furiously lay some foundations for a state-of-the-art service.

The tarot is a map. It musters the muscle to make meaning out of mysteries. It doesn’t always show us crystal clear courses but perpetually presents us with the bare necessities. Two weeks ago, the Six of Wands shed some light on surviving eclipse season. It put fire to the fly and incited us to burn brightly. Burn we did, spurred by kicks from the stars. Now, the Six reappears to fan the flames and wrap up the report. Chaotic and incredible, this eclipse was a call to christening. The Six of Wands wants you to name what you let go of and the fear that accompanied the loss. More importantly, it urges you to envision what divine things will nestle into that newly carved space. Pisces rules the dark and everything contained within; pain and suffering, but also adaptability, dreams, and clairvoyance. Pisces surrenders our perceptive crutches in favor of feeling our inspirations. The Six of Wands declares you can dissolve the boundaries between you and your dreams. All you have to do is open the door.