Six months ago, on the week of the full moon in Pisces, I pulled The Hermit for the first ever Selfish Tarotscope. As we approach the full moon in Virgo this Sunday, 178° from that first Tarotscope, she reappears, wraps up a story, asks us to gather strength to sit with her. The Hermit. Witch. Hag. Seer. Crone. The Wild Woman. The Wise Woman. We must travel deep within ourselves to meet her. We must find the will to sacrifice society as a source in order to hear the humanity in our hearts. The Hermit offers her hand and light to lead us. Her lamp rests atop her shell, but the gas that fuels it comes from within.

This week, the Sun joins Mercury, shining light on our letters and taking nonsense out of the news. Together, they reconfigure the way we communicate around power and make divergent moves to earn us prudence in partnership. On Thursday, Mars slows his pace and stops his slaying in favor of focusing on what he wants to grow. Sunday, the full moon in Virgo asks for analysis of the last six months and a precise plan for how we’d like to proceed.

The Hermit invites us inward to examine all the pieces of the mind. Enlightenment is available to anyone with the strength and willingness to pull their perception inside out. Many object to meditation – scorn derived from impatience and fear. The Hermit contends that time and dedication to stillness reap rewards. The desert of the mind appears a cold hard place, but the mind is rich with signs and symbols. Hold the strength stay and the desert sands start to sparkle. The expanse of the heavens inspires flexibility for sleepy muscles. Rocks become bones and the wild woman works her magic, singing the soul to life. The Hermit stirs us to seek the spirits. Visit your wise woman. If she is not on the material plane, your psyche will reveal her in your dreams. When she arrives, untie your restraints, revel in the warmth of her light on your skin, and dance to the tune she sings to rekindle your soul.