We floated out over the water, coy dogs howling through the woods, crickets crooning, creating a symphony with the warble of your paddle dipping softly into the summer night. We were solemn, staring out at the waning moon, reflecting gazes off the water’s surface, exchanging gestures; small smiles, eyes dancing slowly with the wake, unsure shoulders inclining into the canoe, and out again in timid intimacy. I had so many questions for you but was afraid of making an unwanted splash. “How do you measure success?” I finally asked. You reached out and cradled my right hand in your left, trailing your pointer finger firmly along the inside of my wrist. “Like this.” I understood. Victory is allowing your life force to flow through you. I took my chance and rocked the boat. Splash.

Last week we practiced letting go of an ideal in favor of reality, showing up for the final leg of the climb to Friday’s lunar eclipse in Leo. This week, Mercury picks up speed in Aquarius, encouraging everyone’s inner wiz with words and curing any excess eclipse hangover. From Valentine’s Day on we wade into an energy of surprising partnerships and enduring engagements. On Saturday the Sun swims into Pisces, emanating effortless fluidity in the experience of our exchanges and pulling our energy along with an emotive undercurrent.

The Six of Wands surges with success, a gift that comes with mercurial perception. Success is defined within you. This is a week to practice powerful magic. To cry out your creations; to call on fire and water together in an alchemical mélange that makes possible that which you previously perceived absurd. The patina of this card can only shine when you start with the energy you have. Begin where you are. Take advantage of your visions and swear by your service to the universe. Trust the transformative medicine the Six ushers in. Let vitality be your guide, first go low, flow, and glow in the dark as you rise up high.