"You can ask for more love,” your voice whispered through the phone to my stifling sobs. I wanted desperately to believe you but your words held the stunning weight of impossibility against the ache in my chest. I explained through little gasps of breath that I felt neglected by someone who had shown me nothing but love. Moreover, I was ashamed because I knew the hurt came from my mind and not reality. My desire for attention was neatly packaged up in a box with a beautiful bow, a card full of guilt and a fear of being too much - too selfish. Somehow, your gentleness burst the barriers I'd long since built that dictated how much love a girl like me was worth. A true Taurus rising, you were my Mother of Pentacles that day, providing a soft, abundant nest for my watery wails.

Scorpio season casts a spell of attention over the depths of our desires and this week we dive into a profound lake of wants, needs and oh so many feelings. Scorpio Sun and Mercury are cuddling up to enigmatic Neptune and curing Chiron in Pisces. Together they have a conversation with the fates in Virgo while the always affectionate Venus tries to steal a word and a few minutes of fame. I don't know if you've ever seen a Scorpio and a Pisces get down and deep with their feelings but in my experience it's a match made in healing heaven.

The astrology this week points out places where we've felt a little put out, shut down, brushed off and overlooked. It welcomes us with a tidal wave to wash away the stories that keep us stuck and ushers in another to fill up our cups. The Mother of Pentacles assures us that abundance has no limits and our wishes aren't wicked. She emboldens us to ask for what we want – maybe even need – and sticks around to provide it. Ardently loyal, ever-allowing, she gestures with open arms and a glowing heart. It's a week for repair and re-parenting and don't you dare believe for one second that you aren't deserving.