It’s Scorpio season witches. "Down, down, down we go. Where it stops, the River Styx glows. Fill up your cups and begin to regrow." The Five of swords bears conflict – tension that terminates, ties sliced and diced. It swiftly suffocates until we separate and life might feel narrow for this significant instant but it promises so much more space.

The stories of the stars can be described in degrees of separation. This week tells a tale of the veil. The space between is both our bond and our severance. Saturn, planet of time and limits, has been slowly restructuring the part of our charts contained by Sagittarius. Earlier this month, Saturn squared the nodes of fate while Venus, lover of love, impressed an intense precedent for the personal planets arriving in the power sign of transformation. This week, Venus takes her turn with the sages, negotiating with the nodes, teaming up with Saturn, together taking advantage of this perpetually potent energy.

The Five of Swords is howling liberation to the approaching new moon in Scorpio. It encourages us to strike down the structures and associations that no longer serve us. It wants us to make an incision with an intention. People who fear Scorpio energy are generally scared of death. Switch two letters in the word 'scared' and you get SACRED. Scorpios see death as sacrosanct. They can be incredible healers because they understand they often have to make a deep cut to pull out the source of our sickness. The Five of Swords sanctions our slaughters and reminds us that death and darkness is presrequisite to dawn. Tend to your garden. Ask yourself what you want to cultivate. Make sure to dig deep and pull up every last invasive species. Thank them for their part, then slash them away and trust that the killing is a part of the creation. At the new moon, scatter your seeds with the certainty that your roots have space to grow.