I sat on my heels, knees spread, shoving slate grey socks into a crevice in my overpacked bag. You were gabbing away, Indian-style legs sinking deep into my mattress, words lost in the stream of sage smoke floating above your half drunk cup of coffee. I loved hearing your stories, but mostly I loved being the one you told stories to. At least I thought I did until that moment when I realized I wanted to be in the book, not just reading its back. This is my story. All at once I yanked out 2 pairs of jeans, 3 tees, my granniest panties, and an extra toothbrush. I took out the scarf you gave me last year, threw it on your lap and filled the space with my oracle deck and morning notebook. We were somber as you rose and walked slowly from the room. Yet, when I stepped off our stoop alone, lightweight pack on my back, the autumn frost assured me I had everything I need and nothing I don’t.

This week wants us to be limber. As three of the personal planets change signs we are asked to be apt. To value awareness over blind conviction, to accept rather than direct, and to act so we might evolve. Transformation is abound in Scorpio season yet change can be wearisome if we are strained with unnecessary stresses. When we lighten our load we are energized, lithe, prepared to rise.

For the second time this month the Five of Swords presents itself like a kick in the butt. A bully with an honorable cause, a reminder that we haven’t quite finished what we started when we delved into Scorpio’s depths. It instigates and instructs us in the art of relinquishing the rights and reasons in our rooms of requirement. It wants us to run from the room, rip out our hearts, realize our soul is the start and we can commence anywhere we’d like. The heart doesn’t need the edifice to exist so take a load off. Let it jump for joy, swivel and spin, leap on and off the beam and trust that when you abandon one anatomy you’ll be escorted into more expansive accommodations.