In moments of upheaval and confusion, shock and fury, it is natural to want to react. To do something. To fight and to fix. To cause a ruckus and a storm. To enlist in war when deep in our guts, we hunger for peace. What do we do when the war has already begun? How can we engage our cause with compassion and wit so our fresh wounds have time to mend rather than bursting open our stitches?

The fury of the bandwagon riles us up and tells us how we’re supposed to think and feel. The Four of Swords is here to say “Stop shoulding all over yourself and start connecting with your sources.” It reminds us how important it is to be wary of any collective, rash movement. It remarks that rash might be how we got here. It tells us to take time with ourselves; to remember I, individually, am my source and you are yours. Whether we like it or not, right and wrong is subjective. Our collective conscience depends on our diversity, our ability to see as individuals first, and only then, to come together.

This week waves hello with a terrific Supermoon in Taurus – a proclamation that progress isn’t lost and a revelation of the rewards of our efforts. This card supports our successes and endows us with direction we can carry into impending circumstances. Take the time you need. Stay in the present, but look to the past. Educate ourselves before we act. Consider previous generations who earned us the freedom we have today. Pay attention particularly to the techniques of peaceful protesting. May we be formidable in our knowledge. May our values and intentions be clear and calm. May we know when and how to engage. May we be conscious that certain methods of engaging result in wounds to our bodies and our message. May we ask those who are likeminded and who came before us for their wisdom and their skills. May they teach us to march into this madness with conviction, solidarity, and intelligence. May we show them our humility and our strength. And when the time comes, may they march with us.