I sighed as I rubbed water marks off the cups my mother asked me to set out on the dining table. My cousin’s long blonde curls swept over my arm as she placed forks over napkins I knew the perfectionist in me would have to refold. Still, there was a warmth that came from the tradition of it. The same special silverware every year, the turkey I hadn’t touched in ten, and the political banter that escalated far too quickly. As much as I wanted to be somewhere else, I loved being right there, making sure everyone’s cup got filled, that everyone had a cup to fill in the first place.

The astrology of this week looks much like a family around a Thanksgiving table. Every planet is unabashedly showing off vices and virtues, thanks in part to the Sun soaring into Sagittarius on Monday. On Thanksgiving, Jupiter, planet of justice, abundance, and luck makes a tense square to power hungry, depth defender Pluto. Traditionally the IX of Cups represents Jupiter at home in dear old Pisces – a sign susceptible to fantasy, but bearing an intrinsic sense of empathy.

Empathy is the key to joy this week and this card wants us to remember that every being, feeling, thought, and action carries value. Hurt people are inclined to hurt. As the energy dances between major and minor keys, honor your anger and negativity without acting on it. Honor yourself with time for quiet reflection but come out of your hole before you dive too deep. Honor your gratitude with random acts of kindness. Rub water marks off of glasses – the ones on the table, and the ones your mother cried behind. Show those important to you how important they are. Repeat the mantra “you have a right to be here.” Say it to others, say it to their opinions (even when you don’t like them), say it to yourself. Justice begins when we stop discounting. When we rest in reality and start with what is, we give ourselves the opportunity to go where we want to be.