Aries season offers us a time to practice diving in head first, exploring without a pack, creating without abandon. Aries is the birth of our best because we haven’t yet met the difference between sin and sanct. Aries is born to be wild, a quality that affirms our right and ability to choose. Choosing begins with the awareness that we have the power to exercise our wild nature, thereby establishing our home within ourselves. We are home when we choose to fly south for the winter, because we are choosing to go where it’s warm. We are home when we fly north again, because choosing to open our hearts to challenge affirms our ability to let love in.

The power of our wildness is declared when we choose conflict that is filled with opportunities to learn. The power is pronounced when we choose not to choose right now, because we have the option of pausing until we are certain that this is right for us. Our wildness is worth everything when we choose to choose again; to change our minds so they align with our heart’s path. When we choose the same thing because it’s familiar and when we opt for something different because familiar and comfortable are not the same. This is the power that is available to us if we decide to reach out and take it. This is a power that no one should take away and if they try we choose to say no to them. Each and every individual should inherently have the freedom to decide for themselves. To walk away from what hurts. To hug someone who hugs back.

If you are reading this tarotscope, you are likely an individual who has the power to choose. This week, pay attention to when that power appears to disappear. What would you do if everything you did was your choice? Would you learn to leave? To release? To let it go? Would you learn to stay? To tip the scales with your service? To sink or swim? To scar or soar? Who would you help? Who would you hinder? Who would you hold in higher esteem because you chose to pray that their path is as healing as you feel when you tend to yourself?

The Lovers teaches us about our wild nature and how to integrate it in a world filled with choices. This week, you can get by with a little help from the people you choose. From the wild geese who soar together; from those who follow and those who lead, and especially those who choose to do both. This week, remember you can choose when to conform and when to carve your own path in the sky. When our choices come from a place of inner and outer knowing (understanding ourselves both as individuals and within context), we come into alignment with our higher purpose. We learn from our experience simply because we are practicing awareness of our power within it. How do you give yourself your power back? It begins with self trust. Trust yourself enough to know that you know what is right for you. Trust the universe enough to tell you “no” when it means it and treat the no as an opportunity to say yes to something else. Take responsibility for your choices but not for anyone else’s. Choosing to go with them doesn’t mean they have to choose you back. That’s ok. You can still choose.

WHAT EVEN IS A TAROTSCOPE? We often think of horoscopes as predictions that are specific to each astrological sign. In Ancient Greek, the term horoscope simply means "I watch the hour." To astrologers today, a horoscope is a chart that maps the planetary bodies in the sky. From this chart, we derive meaning that can influence how we work with energy. Regardless of our unique individual charts, we are ALL working with the same energy from above. Each week, I examine this energy, pull a tarot card and write a guided meditation with the collective in mind. My tarotscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. Please note that because we are all operating with our individual energy, some elements will resonate more than others. Take what you like and leave the rest. Tarotscopes are offered freely in an effort to cultivate collective healing. I am always grateful for your support in sharing this work with anyone you think it might help. If you are inspired or find support here, please consider making a donation to help sustain these weekly offerings.