This week starts slow and low, kindled by a stirring surprise between a darling Venus and mad genius Uranus on Tuesday afternoon. Look out for the formation or continuation of unusual partnerships with marvelous methods. On Wednesday, Chiron aspects Mercury and Venus respectively, bringing clarity to our wounds and the salve to spread across them. Thursday morning things get tricky as Mercury semisextiles Neptune, waking us with bliss or brunt in disbelief of vivid dreams. Meanwhile, the Sun hits Pluto’s sweet spot, sending him reeling when his comfortable crown in Capricorn is disputed. Come Friday, Mercury slips through the South Node, letting the last of those loves that weren’t wishing for us wash down the well. There might be a touch of sorrow but it’s misted with sweet and a little spice as Venus enters her favorite sign of Pisces Saturday afternoon and the Sun makes a productive square to Jupiter still slinging sexy secrets in Scorpio.

The Nine of Pentacles presents itself to teach us about divine timing. About warping the pause to work for welcome into a home only you can build. The Nine of Pentacles is euphoria earned through responsible selfishness. It is doing the work that makes you feel as if you are bathing in a bubble bath alone with the best book. It is sacrifice for the sake of all that is sacred to you. It is the warmth that flushes your cheeks and fills your chest at the summit of a mountain hiked with keen attention to how each and every lookout informed your heartbeat. It is the delicacy of boundaries communicated with expertise as fine and detailed as lace. It is the sexiness of inaccessibility and the silence in which you seek the arousal of your ambitions. It is the kindling of resolve for your judgements and their replacement with commitments to keep awakening. It is where impulse and ambition come to a strategic point. It is the paradox of a never-ending juncture and the finality of walking only your heart’s path again and again and again.