Eclipses reveal, release and redirect, plucking us from plain-spoken paths with the insight that straightness is but illusion. Wednesday welcomes us with a Lunar Eclipse in Leo, bearing creative claws and clearing clauses that can’t cut it when it comes to our cravings. In the wake of this release, a flighty Mercury front-flips into his favorite sign of Aquarius, startling Saturn and provoking productive action with an ardent Mars in Sagittarius. Meanwhile Venus and the Sun are slipping through the South Node, revisiting relationships and getting clear-cut with those diamonds in the rough. As this week reveals your personal truth, your work is to revel and reckon with lots of rest and respite so you can fuel your self-respect while making space for something  fresh and special.

The Star is Aquarius; the water bearer, or perhaps, more appropriately, the light listener. Water and light are both substances that physically and metaphysically nourish. The Star is rest manifest in brilliance. It is hope in the highest waters when we feel we are drowning and realize we were really dehydrated. Aquarius knows that we are made from the stuff of stars, arriving to bathe us in its eccentric luminescence, cleansing and coating our skins in glitz. Aquarius is aloof but affectionate, quirky and connected. Sound of structure, real, yet surreal. Imagine attending a Dali-themed tea party where the invitation simply states “All are welcome.” This week, let your inclination be to hold up heretics who are unsupported and reject ideals which are insupportable. The Star nourishes the unique pieces of ourselves which most need to be nurtured. The principal character of her nature is love, the essence of which plugs us into the immortality and interconnectedness of the universe. Let her wash us in her waters of acceptance. Let our awareness sustain our most authentic expression of our winding heart’s path so we strengthen the circles of our queerest communities.

Erin Shipley