We all have a responsibility to our healing. To sharpen our knives so we can slice open our fears and get clear with our keepsakes. We hold tight to wounds, wearing them around necks like warning whistles. Sometimes, that state of emergency no longer suits our style. This week, the Son of Swords takes a swing at our memories to help us see what is worth forgetting. Forgiving. Relishing. Receiving. Retrieving. Reliving.

As the Sun enters the sign of the transiting true node, the universe has a not-so-subtle way of pushing us onto our heart path. Eclipse season is designed to make us diligent, sending gifts of hurtful cues and helpful clues that send us on wild goose chases to the most divine destinations. Growing pains considered closely are delightful directions to detach or delay for one more dance.

This week begins with bangs as Mercury fires off firsts at Uranus and serves seconds to Chiron, kicking dust into the Centaur’s kind eyes. Honor your feelings while the mad messenger takes a critical chill pill when he enters Virgo Tuesday evening. On Sunday, Uranus interrupts a wistful Venus as she dabs the wounds of the hit healer. Wherever you can serve yourself some space, clear your plate and sit still for surprise soup.

The Son of Swords is a wiz of a wordsmith – in training. His intellect is quick but self-important, a classic representation of Mercury at the last degrees of Leo and first few of Virgo. Harness his energy to help you say hello. Use his critical talents to sort out when to speak up and when to shut up. If you’re in the thick of it, take a pause. When you’re quiet nobody knows how stupid you are – or how smart you are. Eclipse season asks us to accept unexplained invitations. Make memories out of the miscellaneous messages you’re receiving. The Six of Cups reminds us all is not wasted in this world. If somebody offers you a dream, now is a good moment to jump out of bed and dress to the nice and necessary nines.