Twenty-one: Seven, the number of will, times Three, the number of the Great Mother. A marriage of passive and active; indivisible justice and freedom for all who are willing to engage the synthesis of darkness and light. The World is a nod to the the Wheel of Life and, of course, the Fool. Its appearance sends us free-falling into this week, encouraging trust in a container of expansion. The action of moving is the endless goal. As Uranus slows to station retrograde early Thursday morning, followed by a final square between wisdom (Jupiter) and power (Pluto), we are eclipsed in awakenings. Seen and unseen. Done and undone. The epitome of wholeness. Out of head, into body and back again.

This week, The World woos you to become your contemporary. To swim in the current you must embody the water, the flame that heats it, the knife that stirs it and the dirt that soaks it up into every pore. The depth and the surface and all the algae in between. Wear your experiences like the softest silken slip. Pull them on and off with ease. Wrap yourself in the leaves of life so you can be the enduring practice of blooming. Whether you are ending, beginning or in the pendulum’s mid-swing, trust in the balance; in the dance of life herself unfolding. Laugh so deeply you cry. Wail so loudly you are a lion laughing. Know that whatever you’re feeling as it moves through you - isn’t you. Yet so profoundly manifested that it is you. This is the universe opening unto an opportunity to dance with death. When you waltz with her, she succeeds herself, the cycle; the Life/Death/Life Mother.

Descriptions, metaphors and stories can only provide the teensiest inkling of the wonders contained in The World. Focus on the fusion between your inner sense of being and your external environment. Allow your passive consciousness and deep knowing to guide your actions to success - dissolved into a peaceful pause with pivotal potential as you pirouette into the magical ether of this earth.