“But how do you do it?!” I persisted. Your smile crept towards your dimples. “Don’t think, just do,” you said. We were seven years old, legs dangling over the dock, water droplets glistening on our skin. The mountains rose, majestic over the lake as you coached me in how to pee while jumping off the rope swing. “You just gotta let it all go!” you urged. “Stop trying so hard.” It went against everything in me. All I’d ever learned was to lock it up but here you were, with all and none of the experience, my alter ego and my ally, and oh boy did I admire you.

This week’s astrology is subtly lovely with an ode to the unknown. Early in the week, Mercury and Venus dance around the 22nd degree, inspiring dialogues over our injuries and imaginations. On Friday, Venus pulls Saturn into the mix, offering a healthy dose of structure to an expansive energy and the quietly powerful new Moon in Aquarius. Saturday it’s all hands on deck as Mars enters its ruler Aries. Mars in Aries is the ultimate fool, youngest of the young, carrying courageous unawareness and a perpetual state of drive. Stay alert to the slights behind the scenes but use this vigor to propel you into the present.

Sit, stay, heal. The Fool prompts us to trust that the current is consistently a new beginning and we are in the ceaseless condition of being exactly where we are supposed to be. Float in the air of possibility, without delving into the future. It might feel like taking off, flying, and falling all at the same time. The Fool encourages you to show up for the wounds and the wonder, for the endless re-beginning. The major arcana indicates fated states of existence, things we can’t do anything about. This week, it’s never too early or too late. We’re off to the races. Off again. Always on. Focusing without needing to. Remaining in the jump. Healing in potential. Should I stay or should I go? Both are in the flow this week at the exact same time – they are the same thing.