In light of the current political climate, I’m more invested than ever in creating structures built on power-from-within. Knowledge has always been a source of power for me. When I use knowledge, even self-knowledge, to set a hierarchical boundary between myself and another person, I support power-over thinking. Power-over stems from a fear of intimacy, fear that if somebody deeply knows and sees me, I won’t be worthy. Alternatively, power-with is supported by love and a willingness to be vulnerable and imperfect. Cue anxiety.

I threw myself onto my bed, tension accentuating the need to fix and control. Sobbing in a patch of sunlight, I prayed. I asked to see the support that I know exists. My phone vibrated. I opened my e-mail to a message from a close friend who is traveling in India. She told me she’d prayed for me over the Ganga river. The isolation lifted a little. She shared internal conflicts around the dirt, grease, and loss of American social cues. Cue grace. She told me of her struggle using dietary supplements to keep herself safe in a foreign environment. She recounted her realization that the compulsion to control had become a cage and in her awakening, poured hundreds of dollars of pills into the river. Her vulnerability and willingness gave her liberation and her story gave me hope. She was stronger in bones and spirit when she let go.

The astrological aspects this week suggest shifts in power, structure, service and resistance. Amidst chaos it is vital for us to seek and to offer helping hands and eager hearts. The Three of Cups signifies loneliness is but a story I tell myself. We can support ourselves better when we don’t have to do it all. My anxiety is softened when I hear messages of love and vulnerability. Open your eyes. Ask for the willingness and the clarity to see your loves, advocates, comforts, and champions. The Three of Cups is the key to resistance. United, open, perfectly imperfect, we are free.