Contracts, from those that are implied to the written documents that hold us accountable, are useful tools. They govern the relationships we have that require exchange. Which is every relationship we partake in – including the one with ourselves – for they all engage in give and take. Sometimes the currency is money, other times a product such as sheep's wool and blankets to keep us warm in the winter. Occasionally we trade talents and knowledge. Most often, our relationships have social contracts that involve a universal kind of currency. Freedom. Security. Choice. Love.

Tuesday’s full moon in Gemini steals the stage and puts on a light show that illuminates the reality of our relationships. She throws a grand gala in the air signs with warrior Mars and jubilant Jupiter. Things could get intense – or tempered – as sober Saturn in Sagittarius slips in through the back door and comes face to face with Ms. Moon. While their confrontation might not leave us with the fuzziest feelings, it will yank the covers off the conflicts buried in our contracts and connections.

The Six of Pentacles is a request that we scrutinize our systems in our personal liaisons and on universal levels. Where are we in it to win it together or in it because it still “almost just” works? Where have we let resentment fester and sadness stew because we haven’t spoken our truth? Where have we given only a little when we know we could give more and the giving would only help? This week offers us a moment to consider our connections and question our cooperation. The Six of Pentacles points out that we have a choice in all our entanglements. It asks us to ask each other and ourselves “where does it hurt?” It insists we regard with caring eyes, understanding hearts, and an earnest will to do the work that creates relationships and structures in which we can trust.