The Son of Swords is a seeker. Sharp eyes, sharp dives and you can be sure he’ll come up with the snitch and he’s ready to share it. This week is all about connection and contribution. We are in full Libra swing and abundance is tied up in the bows between the givers and receivers. The Empress makes us aware of our gifts. Of our passions too precious not to play with and our talents turnt tenfold. Ask yourself what you can do to further your personal dreams then ask how they can be a present to the bigger picture.

This week deals out exceptional energy. Exceptionally expansive. Exhaustingly emotional. Energetically excellent. Abundance is inevitable but abundance leads to responsibility and responsibility requires realization and recognition. Outlook is everything. Self care is crucial. An afternoon nap might be just the thing to assist your attitude.

The Empress evokes the force that’s bigger than us and encourages our responsibility to ourselves. Gut instinct – that’s the force. If you can feel it the Empress wants you to use it. Know that when you show up for yourself first, you show up for everyone else. When things don’t work out, it’s your responsibility to look at the space loss created and consider the possibility of being replenished. These cards come with a warning - take only the responsibility that is yours. Bear the body of your dreams but if you’re feeling the weight of the world, stop drop and send it rolling. Replace it with the stamina for one step at a time. These two cards want us to win and warn us to be careful what we wish for. Our strongest opponents are usually ourselves. Get outside yourself. Remember, if you’ve been given something, then you have something to give.