The Son of Pentacles is a humble hard worker. He bows with grace and commits himself fully to the task on the surface. That’s his gift and his dilemma. Sometimes he commits so intently to the surface that he forgets to look up at the light of the moon and the pentacle star for which he works so hard. Lucky for us, the astrology this week is helping us to break the surface.

Dominant, depthy, power-player Pluto is pulling Mercury the messenger under his wing in a fairly amicable game of initiation. A birds and the bees conversation. Mercury, still slow, wants to know that last juicy detail to complete the retrograde cycle. Pluto is like big sis throwing back the covers, revealing the secrets in the sheets. Pluto helps Mercury get dirty. Mercury, muddy boots and all, pivots direct Thursday afternoon. Everybody, including the Sun, is busy checking out Libra but Pluto, always on alert, protective as all hell, has a close eye on Venus tiptoeing into Scorpio at the end of the week. As Mercury prepares to take off, Pluto is making sure Mercury has the 411.

The Son of Pentacles IS encouraging you to work hard this week, but in a very specific way. Practical and responsible, he is also a messenger, and the mutable Virgo energy indicated by this card wants us to find information and move with it. Pentacles are the suit of hard work, manifestation, earth. Sometimes though, we work so hard that we get lost in all the action and forget our work has a purpose. The circle is the world. The star is the spirit. A pentacle brings spirit into the earth, into our work. Work hard at digging deep. It might involve some reclusive soul searching. Relieve yourself of distractions. As you dig, work to learn the rules of the game AND connect to why you want to play. If you get muddy, don’t worry about the stains. Worry about the moment. Just get muddier and let yourself laugh while doing it.

Erin Shipley