The hermit gets a bad wrap - painted as the frail old man who runs away from the big scary and hides out till it’s all over. Let’s shift the perspective. For hundreds of years, women were the hermits - witches (root: wit) retreating to better know themselves in the context of the earth. They offered rest, light and healing to souls on challenging roads. The hermit isn’t the hider. She’s the seeker. She isn’t running away from humanity. She’s walking the slow, courageous walk inward, toward her deepest darkest truest human self. Fear is an illusion. When we face ourselves, the illusion disappears.

This week the Sun conjoins Mercury retrograde in Virgo, a power team squaring Mars in Sagittarius. On Friday, a Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse conjunct Chiron in Pisces. The Moon is watching everybody duke it out, trying not to get hit, and playing planet pleaser. Pisces wants to embody. That is how she pacifies. The moon, absorber and transmitter of energy, might be left wiped out, exhausted, bewildered. The Hermit asks you to gift yourself time and space. Let go of fear around being wrong or too slow. Use this energy to fight a battle of integrity with your demons. Don’t let your warrior walk out on you before you’ve detached from what no longer serves and be gentle as you hold up a light to see your truth.

The Hermit is a wise woman. Who are the wise women in your life? Ask them for their hope and wisdom. Know they will offer their light freely. Allow the Virgo/Pisces axis to enhance transformation. You don’t have to put so much energy into ejecting and repelling, nor do you have to work so hard at holding on. Virgo and Pisces are already excellent at purging, rooting, eroding, and filling. The Hermit says all you need to do is seek your truth. Fight for your right to know; to give an honest appraisal of the human you are and the one you want to be. Then let go and trust that the universe is dumping your cup and refilling it with the truest you there ever was.