The Four of Swords is an invitation to focus. An magnet to your mega-mantra. A doorway to all of your personal do’s and dont’s. Early this week, Mercury and the Sun enter Gemini, offering our minds an incredible range of motion in every direction. As an air sign, Gemini is nimble in its dance. As quick with the instep as without. The superficial nature of Gemini is friendly, adaptable, sociable and mostly sweet. That said, consider what happens when your mind runs away from you. When the mental madness has you spin too far or too long in one direction. The dizziness that ensues is enough to make anyone see double.

This week, focus on the practice of staying on the surface. Of not attaching too much significance to any situation. Of trusting the world, the other, the incident to change. Your mind is a toolbox full of fabulous tricks. You get to determine how to use them. The heightened ability of Gemini comes with a responsibility to reckon with everything. Be careful that your reckoning rests with righteousness. Be okay with yourself and others evolving. Remember: just as your intention in very rarely to hurt, others are also unlikely to purposefully cause you suffering. We are often hurt but what seems insensitive yet we practice our own desensitization on the regular. This week is more about brushing yourself off and moving on than it is about trying to sweep up someone else’s mess for them.

The Four of Swords works well with boundaries you set for your own brain. Give yourself a series of suggestions that help you hold your center. When your boat is rocked, what anchors you from anxiety? Clear away the clouds that rain down what you think others are thinking. Cut off the conversations in your head that attach morality to something that is not a question of ethics. Shallow and deep should not have a negative or positive connotation attached to them. Going out is not good. Coming home is not bad. The decision about Monday evening plans are probably too many degrees of separation from Saturday for you to be considering how the connection between them is keeping you from everything you want to do. Come back to the here and now and just like Gemini, come and go as you damn well please.

WHAT EVEN IS A TAROTSCOPE? We often think of horoscopes as predictions that are specific to each astrological sign. In Ancient Greek, the term horoscope simply means "I watch the hour." To astrologers today, a horoscope is a chart that maps the planetary bodies in the sky. From this chart, we derive meaning that can influence how we work with energy. Regardless of our unique individual charts, we are ALL working with the same energy from above. Each week, I examine this energy, pull a tarot card and write a guided meditation with the collective in mind. My tarotscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. Please note that because we are all operating with our individual energy, some elements will resonate more than others. Take what you like and leave the rest. Tarotscopes are offered freely in an effort to cultivate collective healing. I am always grateful for your support in sharing this work with anyone you think it might help. If you are inspired or find support here, please consider making a donation to help sustain these weekly offerings.