Aces are like seeds – pure potential. The Ace of Pentacles is earth of earth. Often, when we think of the element earth, we look at outward manifestation – money, material items, physical labor. This element shows us the tangible expression of our efforts. Right-side up, it is a call to visioning and putting down in writing a solid plan for the growth and protection of our wealth (keeping in mind of course, that wealth is a concept). It bears the potential for our maturation. However, the Ace of Pentacles reversed rides in a timely parallel with the last bit of this Mercury retrograde cycle, especially as Mercury passes from earthy, hard-hearty Capricorn back into boundless Sagittarius.

The Ace asks of us two things. First, re-evaluate and pull up the seeds you may have planted and realized aren’t going to grow strong and bright. The reversal is a gentle nudge of permission that whispers it’s okay to revise your New Year’s resolutions. This card contends that while it is honorable to remain resolute in our commitments, we should be open to adjusting our obligations when we see a stronger way to serve. It indicates that more of the story might be revealed to you this week and you should allow for amendments as needed.

Secondly, we are asks to scatter new seeds. Abstractly. In the dark. Under the dim light of a quarter moon. Retrogrades turn our experience inward. Ask yourself these questions. How do you want to communicate with your work? What kind of relationship do you have to service? Who or what do you want to serve? How do you define your worth? Be brutally honest with your answers. Use the experience of asking, and listening to guide you as you sprinkle the seeds that are meant to sprout. The Ace of Pentacles Rx assures us this process will reap bountiful benefits.