The Ace of Wands is an invitation to awareness and a warning to action. This week breathes power in the form of potential. Potential for inspiration, change, conflict. Potential for growth. Everybody has their own agenda and the universe has a different one. The trick is not to get tricked. You win with caution and consciousness, purpose and decency. The only person whose actions you are responsible for is yourself.

This week wily Mercury has lots of things to say. He jumps from a close call with Jupiter to a game of hot potato with Mr. Mars, who is cool, calculated, and clever as ever in Capricorn. Last but certainly not least, Mercury has it out with power profesh Pluto on Saturday while Mars takes a friendly walk with destiny, and the Sun shines a headlamp on Uranus insurgent. Libra season loves to labor our relationships yet this week closes with a formidable full moon in self-serving Aries. Relationships rely on our self solidarity. Protect your personal principles. Go forth with the guarantee that you are divine, kind, mindful but not full in the mind, and you will be oh so fine.

The Ace of Wands throws opens windows and exposes our eyes but won’t get us anywhere if we aren’t willing to see. It awakens our sense of opportunity and requires us to review our reason. Potential is power. This Ace wants us to appreciate it, but not yet to use it and if we do, to use it carefully. We might feel the need to manipulate, a term often buttoned up in negativity. Manipulation simply means to handle in a skillful way. So handle with care dear ones. The Ace wants you to be clear on the who, what, and why behind manipulation and to halt action until you’ve understood those answers. Focus on the potential in the present. Accept the things you cannot change. If you feel fixed, tricked, wronged, look for where you have the power to reposition your perspective. No-one is responsible for your actions except you. Luckily, you can’t control theirs either. So swing round and upside down but make sure to look before you leap.