This week has a little bit of foot in mouth syndrome. As the Sun comes to conjoin Jupiter, bringing energy to kick off his year-long cycle through Sagittarius, we all might be seeking, sharing or shouting our two cents of wisdom. Shortly after the Sun’s sweet connection with good old expansion, it meets up with Mercury, in what we call the cazimi of the messenger’s retrograde. The cazimi marks the pivot point. Imagine meditating in a dark room when somebody suddenly flips the lights on. Do you stop meditating? Perhaps you’re dancing and the music stops. Do you keep moving? Whatever it is, the universe is asking you to pay attention, to integrate the lesson of how to shift while the ground shakes. For some, this might mean crawling out of the mindset that something was “ruined” for you and crawling into your own state of bliss. It might mean sitting in silence even while someone else is screaming for your attention. It might be dancing to the rhythm of your own drum or adapting your hips to the beat of passersby. For all of us, it means surveying the circumstances given in a moment and making the best of them. Your version of right is up to you but this week’s message asks we settle the case with ourselves before braving the mysteries of mutual misunderstandings with others. 

The Son of Cups is a witch who’s anything but wicked. A kid who’s got more creative cushion than anyone on the block. A crone in the making who secures sage by making something from nothing. In his fall, he’s suffocated by fantasy and attaches inaccurate meaning that turns into miserable mishaps. This week, part of our practice is not to prevent a crisis that needs to play itself out. Part of our work is in the effort of not anticipating someone else’s answers. Part of our endeavor is in understanding ourselves before knocking at the neighbor’s and laying ourselves down on their doormat. 

In his prime, the Son of Cups is plentiful of exceptional principles. Sips on a goblet full of gratitude. Pours from a cask of compassion. The Son of Cups ups our ante by opening us to extraordinary empathy. Fills our minds with lessons when we’re willing to look at the state of our relationship to another person’s problems. Carves away codependency without cutting out care. Helps us understand another’s experience by remembering moments when we sank in similar situations. Sings us to sleep with the sweetness of manifesting our own mystique by not being a meddler. 

This week, as the skies conduct one exciting light show after another, listen laboriously for the shifts happening within you. The Son of Cups is extra-sensitive so soften into some sweet self-talk for all the feelings that seem to fly by. Admire the adjustments you are able to make on a micro-level when concentration on your part is keen. The Son of Cups is skilled at maneuvering any kind of water that whisks him downstream, whether a gentle tide or a wild rush of a wave. Look for moments where you can dive between the breaks and swells, staying low to avoid crashing in a surge you know won’t be smooth. When you can, come up for air alone by tapping into your exclusive creative currents and comforts. Savor solitude. Revel in places that are your own, in mind, body or spirit. And when you’re ready to emerge, move your mystery with you.

WHAT EVEN IS A TAROTSCOPE? We often think of horoscopes as predictions that are specific to each astrological sign. In Ancient Greek, the term horoscope simply means "I watch the hour." To astrologers today, a horoscope is a chart that maps the planetary bodies in the sky. From this chart, we derive meaning that can influence how we work with energy. Regardless of our unique individual charts, we are ALL working with the same energy from above. Each week, I examine this energy, pull a tarot card and write a guided meditation with the collective in mind. My tarotscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. Please note that because we are all operating with our individual energy, some elements will resonate more than others. Take what you like and leave the rest. Tarotscopes are offered freely in an effort to cultivate collective healing. I am always grateful for your support in sharing this work with anyone you think it might help. If you are inspired or find support here, please consider making a donation to help sustain these weekly offerings.